5 Make-up Tips For Women Over 40 by Famous Celebrity Stylists

1. Forget about the make-up you used to use. What worked when you were a teenager, wasn’t flattering in your 20s and what worked in your 20’s won’t work now. Adapting your make-up routine is as important as changing your skincare.

2. Introduce a pre-prime. When skin topples 40 its ability to stay hydrated is lessened making it easy for makeup to cake, crease and clog. The best way to counteract this is by integrating a 5 minute, pre-primer face mask. Sheet masks are the perfect solution.

3. Smoothed skin not only looks youthful it also maximizes the enhancing effects of makeup. Make primer your new best friend. Primers contain invisible to the eye ingredients that fill and blur, roughened, patchy areas of skin. A top tip from celebrity make-up artists – Don’t forget your lids. If you plan to apply make-up here, apply primer.

4. Ditch powdered cover-ups, they contain ingredients that dehydrate skin causing your make-up to cake. Replace all powder based make-up products with creamy foundations full of moisturizing ingredients. Your make-up can and should improve the underlying condition of your skin type.

5. Cover dark circles with the right shade of concealer, celebrity make-up artists know “dark circles are dark because they are blue-based”. Instead of lightening dark circles you should be using a concealer that compensates for blueness with orange counter tones –the 2 combined cancel each other out.

Celebrity makeup artists know the confidence boost well though through makeup can lend, they also know a great base is the most important foundation.

“Make-up and skincare go hand in hand. You can’t have great make-up without great skincare and you can’t have great skincare without great make-up”

Now you have the outlines of a great make-up routine, it’s time to focus on creating great foundations.

This is why SkinGlo created the 3-step radiance-multi-bright-luminous routine.

”Great skincare should be complimentary. It should take the form of distinct steps, working together to total effects greater than any of those products used individually. 3 steps shouldn’t equal 3 effects, they should be double, tripled, quadrupled”

SkinGlo’s 3 step routine is customized into a monthly subscription pack to ensure you can benefit from these totaling effects. Each product creates fantastic results individually but the true magic happens when all 3 are used together.

“most people rush through their cleansing step and give the thought of which cleanser is best suited to their skin type the same amount of consideration. Our secret comes in knowing that a dewy complexion can only be achieved when starting your skincare routine with a skin conditioning cleanser”

The beauty of the SkinGlo radiance boosting cleanser is visible not only by what is included, but also by what isn’t. Sulphates, parabens and phthalates are banned. Age defying anti-oxidants, alpha-hydroxy acids and mild cleansing ingredients are welcomed.

The SkinGlo radiance boosting cleanser will help nourish, condition and most importantly prepare your skin for soaking in the complimenting anti-aging ingredients packed into steps 2 and 3.

“One of the most important targets areas for achieving that coveted youthful look, is the under eyes. The eyes may be the windows to our souls, but the under-eyes are the windows to our years."

All age defying skincare routines incorporate an active packed under eye cream to brighten, protect and re-structure. Long gone are the days when step number 2 required toner. SkinGlo’s 3 step routine tackles this need jointly through step 1, helpfully making room for targeted under eye focus.

The SkinGlo multi-bright eye cream is specially formulated to hydrate and soothe while also diminishing the look of dark circles, puffiness, fatigue and fine lines. With anti-aging ingredients ranging from collagen boosting peptides to wrinkle reducing vitamins, if there’s an ingredient able to work towards healthier under eyes, you can bet the SkinGlo multi-bright eye cream contains it.

“The crowning jewel of any result oriented skincare routine is a well-chosen serum. Serums create lasting change, they improve the health of skin, they supply vital nutrients, they nourish, they protect – truly, there’s not much a serum doesn’t do”

If you thought the SkinGlo 3-step routine had packed all of it’s anti-aging prowess into step 2, think again. The 3 step routine, crowns itself with the luminous brightening serum. Age sports, un-even skin tone and areas of hyper-pigmentation are targeted naturally. Future damage is prevented and new, fresh healthy skin cells are encouraged to the surface. If there were a youth drop, this is it.

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